Associate Front-End Developer/Project Manager

Job Overview

No two days will be the same. On some, you’ll be mastering HTML and CSS, squashing bugs, optimizing content, dropping plug-ins and QA’ing. Others will have you helping develop estimates, meeting with internal teams and clients, and tracking jobs through our system. You’ll learn, you’ll teach, you’ll create, you’ll collaborate. Oh, and you’ll have fun.

Job Description:

Here's what the gig entails:

  • Remain up-to-date with UX, SEO, and interactive design and development trends
  • Slice PSDs and convert them to standards-compliant HTML and CSS
  • Optimize and implement code for organic search and measurement
  • Work comfortably across all CMS platforms
  • Decent working knowledge of back-end development
  • Know how to estimate a web build from wires to launch
  • Be able to communicate effectively with IA, UX, creative teams
  • Meet with clients, to ask questions, provide updates, present work
  • Create accurate project timelines
  • Track jobs through the system while analyzing costs and hours
  • Test data activations and make any necessary adjustments/corrections
  • Modify existing markup and style of live sites, templates, and frameworks
  • Test sites across browsers and troubleshoot site presentation
  • Utilize Google Analytics to evaluate site performance and make recommendations for improvement
  • Contribute to documentation and account staff in developing and maintaining projects
  • Contribute to the company’s development standards and process
  • Take active ownership and accountability for all assigned projects through final delivery, meeting all timeline milestones
  • Work as a team to share ideas, critique work, and balance out the workload
  • Maintain high ethical standards and follow the rules and practices outlined in the ZG Employee Handbook
  • Other, as needed and required
  • If You’re A Rock Star, You Might Also:
  • Have experience with immersive platforms (AR, VR, gaming)
  • Be able to develop basic apps


  • Has 3+ years relevant experience, including work in an agency
  • Maintains a passion for interactive technology and desires to continually innovate
  • Creates measurable results for clients
  • Keeps his or her commitments to clients and co-workers
  • Manages his or her workload, remains on track, and delivers great work on deadline
  • Is highly responsible, collaborative, and self-motivated
  • Possesses excellent communication skills and an ability to explain complex and/or technological concepts to internal staff and clients as needed
  • Stays in touch with office as needed outside of regular hours per project demands
  • Understands the full range of marketing communications services at ZG’s disposal
  • Manages his or her mood, particularly in the face of adversity

Compensation & Benefits

Compensation commensurate with experience. Company offers competitive pay packages, medical benefits, 401K, parking reimbursement and more.

How to Apply

Please apply online or e-mail resume to, subject line "Associate Front-End Developer/Project Manager" No phone calls, please.