In Radio, Word Count Matters

Here’s a scene: It’s a weekday morning. You’re stuck in traffic on your way into work. You flip on the radio to catch up on news and tunes. Between sips of coffee and taps of brakes, the station breaks for commercial. And then it starts – an unnaturally fast, incomprehensible rush of advertising madness that leaves … Continued

2018 SEO Forecast: Think Like a Human

Move over, Skynet. From AI to featured snippets, this year should take SEO another step closer to search engines that speak the human language.

Looking to Hire a PR Firm? Here are 5 Things to Keep an Eye Out For

So it’s time. You’re ready to launch that new initiative or product. Your organization reached a major milestone. Trade show season is upon you or you’ve just hired that phenomenal new CEO who’s bringing about much-needed change. Or maybe your company simply needs visibility for its work and industry expertise. You need some public relations … Continued

What You Need To Know Before You Go Live

Live gameplay streaming. Live press conferences. Live Q&A with your favorite celebrity. If you’ve spent any time on social media lately, you’ve probably witnessed the boom in live video. With good reason, too. Live video puts the power of broadcast back in the hands of marketers with great versatility, instant connection and the ability to … Continued