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CLIENT: Mercury Marine

A 1600 Horsepower Approach to Mercury Racing


Mercury Racing, a division of Mercury Marine, engaged ZG to design and develop a website that would reshape their brand and feature their ridiculously powered marine and automotive engines.

In a world of limits, Mercury Racing chooses freedom. Their core philosophy – “Wide Open” – embraces their passion for helping their clients overcome perceived barriers by giving them the premium marine power to go faster – and farther.

Mercury Racing came to ZG to get a website that unequivocally reflected and embodied their core philosophy. They wanted to capture the attention of their visitors with reactive, compelling, and experiential design centered around their passion for powerful solutions and boundless exploration.

From the moment ZG and Mercury Racing began working together, we focused on bringing to life the thrills of owning a Mercury Racing engine and paired engine close-ups with visceral lifestyle shots to capture the feeling of owning the water or road.

Since its launch, Mercury Racing has reached its goal of increasing traffic with thousands of new visitors each month.

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