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Digital Insight Means Smarter
Strategy for Allpoint ATMs

In order to be considered a true partnership, a relationship needs to be mutually beneficial. When Cardtronics partnered with a Colorado-based convenience store chain, it wanted to make sure its surcharge-free Allpoint ATMs weren’t just getting traffic, but the right kind of traffic.

Working with Cardtronics, our media team developed a highly-targeted digital campaign that was able to track Allpoint users from banner view to its partner stores – and beyond.

Key Findings
Our Results

We took a multifaceted approach to tracking and analyzing audience data. The first part involved a digital plan that targeted those aged 25-54 with household incomes of less than $100k in Pueblo and Colorado Springs, around keyword phrases like “surcharge-free ATMs,” “how to avoid ATM fees,” “cash withdrawal,” etc.. With this data, we were then able to conduct a foot traffic impact study, correlating media execution with ATM use at specific locations and tracking repeat visitors. Most importantly, this helped us build a thorough audience profile that included distance traveled and co-visited retailers.

Why was this audience profile so important? Foot traffic data revealed that a key audience in this area consisted of college students – aged 18-24, with lower levels of education, lower household incomes, rented living spaces, and extremely cost-conscious – who skewed toward the lower ends of our targeted demographics. Despite this, we saw a 2% traffic lift, or improvement in response, among the target audience at partner locations, which amounted to just over 35,000 incremental visitors who could be directly linked to campaign exposure, as well as a significant increase in repeat visitors.

Based on the totality of these findings, we recommended  Cardtronics broaden its target age range, tailor creative to specific age segments, and consider targeting those who also shop at value chain retailers to maximize the effectiveness of future campaigns.

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