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Mercury Marine
A 1600 Horsepower
Approach To Mercury Racing

Mercury Racing, a division of Mercury Marine, asked us to design and develop a site that would reshape their brand and feature their ridiculously powered marine and automotive engines. Because their target audience is all about performance and passion, we wanted the site to reflect that aggressive, technical culture. Using strong imagery, video and provocative verbiage, we created a clean, simple whiplash of a site.

Our Results

From the moment we started sketching, we focused on conveying the thrill of owning a Mercury Racing engine. We paired engine close-ups with visceral lifestyle shots to capture the feeling of owning the water or road.

Since its launch, Mercury Racing has seen a huge increase in traffic with thousands of new visitors each month. In addition, they continue to experience an influx of sales with higher than normal requests to personalize equipment, a standout interactive feature of the new website.

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