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Network Health
Using Earned Media
to Grow Network Health

Network Health is unique for a lot of reasons. Not only is it a provider-owned insurance company, but because it’s based in Wisconsin and staffed by providers who live in Wisconsin, it’s solely focused on providing high-quality healthcare to Wisconsin residents.

Despite this strength, however, it was also a well-kept secret in the southern part of the state. Lacking the brand recognition and footprint of larger insurance providers, Network Health turned to our PR team to help tell its story, highlight its unique differentiators and increase awareness with a wider Wisconsin audience.

Our Results

Although well established in northeastern Wisconsin, Network Health was virtually unknown in southeastern Wisconsin – and the major metropolitan area of Milwaukee. Bolstered by ZG’s community outreach and education campaign called Network Health Connections, we used strategic PR to further increase brand awareness in these densely populated areas in the months leading up to its open enrollment period.

In just a few months, our PR efforts generated 55 stories, reaching an audience of nearly 4.6 million and a 187% return on Network Health’s investment. Highlights include: a front-page business feature story in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, cover story in INSIGHT Magazine (Northeast Wisconsin’s leading business media outlet), interviewed on the flagship National Public Radio station in Milwaukee, and worked to get Network Health CEO Coreen Dicus-Johnson awarded The Health Care Heroes award, which salutes the accomplishments of people and organizations making a positive difference on the front lines of health care in southeastern Wisconsin.

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