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25 Writing Prompts to Help You Celebrate the Holidays and Ring in the New Year

Each holiday season, content creators everywhere are presented with the opportunity (or the challenge?) of celebrating the previous year and starting the next one off with a bang. Not sure how to do this? Fear not, we’ve gathered a list of content topics to help you and your audiences ring in the new year!

1.  Inspiration can come from just about anything. Share something that inspired your own work this past year or, talk about the things that have inspired your team.

2.  Be the first to respond to a news item or new development in your industry.

3.  Are you working on a major project? Introduce it and then be sure to post regular progress updates.

4.  Share about a challenge you and your team have overcome together this past year.

5.  Reflect on a success or failure from your personal career. Share what you learned from it.

6.  Seize the opportunity to introduce your team members or fellow blog contributors.

7.  Re-share some of your most popular posts from 2019.

8.  Showcase some of your agency’s most recent work.

9.  Compare some of your early work with your current work. Talk about what’s changed, how you’ve grown or improved.

10.  Promote an upcoming agency or networking event.

11.  Answer some frequently asked questions from your readers.

12.  How are you celebrating the holidays? Share some photos or stories from your festivities.

13.  Acknowledge any milestones or significant anniversaries that you’ve reached this year.

14.  Is your team working with a nonprofit? Profile the organization to raise support and awareness.

15.  Share a time-lapse video of some recent art or design work. (Or, of your holiday decorating skills. Here’s an example from our Zizzo Holiday Crew.)

16.  Make a prediction about how your industry will change 5, 10, or 15 years from now.

17.  Publish a free printable or download like an eBook, checklist or How-To guide.

18.  Revisit a topic you’ve discussed in the past to offer relevant updates or new insights.

19.  Present a list of your favorite ad campaigns from 2019.

20.  Write about your team or agency’s future goals.

21.  Make an important company announcement or share an agency update with your readers.

22.  Publish a list of Twitter, Instagram or Facebook accounts that are relevant to your audience’s interests.

23.  Reflect on a few memorable moments or accomplishments from throughout the year.

24.  Ask your audience what they’d like to see or read more about during the coming year. Poll them for ideas to get them even more engaged.

25.  Give your readers the gift of inspiration by creating a topic list of your own!

The holidays usually offer some inspiration, but successful marketing strategies depend on engaging content creation all-year-round. If you’d like some help with developing and implementing a long-term content strategy, our team of content strategists and specialists is just a phone call or email away.


Since you’ve been so good this year – trust us, we’ve made our list and checked it twice – we want to give you something extra special: 12 Days of Zizzmas. Each business day between December 16 and 31, we’ll be posting a new piece of real, actionable insight designed to make the New Year your year. So check back daily and don’t be afraid to drop a comment if you like what you’ve read.

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