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The Christ Hospital
CONVERGE: Turning Awareness
Into Action With Get Healthy

The Christ Hospital has consistently been recognized as one of the leading hospitals in the country as well as a top choice for adult healthcare in the Greater Cincinnati area. With great product and a great reputation, the Hospital sought to raise its awareness and visibility within the community and establish itself as the go-to resource for healthcare information.

Using our CONVERGE platform, ZG developed Get Healthy Cincinnati, a comprehensive multi-year healthcare education initiative that used new media and traditional advertising to connect the community to thought leaders and physicians within the organization.

Our Results

Aware. Engaged. Effective.

After its first year in market, a third party research company surveyed consumers within the Greater Cincinnati area and found that 21 percent of respondents were aware of Get Healthy Cincinnati, with 5% ireplying that they had used The Christ Hospital as a result of the initiative and 8% indicating that they had made lifestyle changes as a result of information obtained through the campaign. In addition, topics and physicians featured within the program directly correlated with an increase in caseload – physicians saw an average increase in caseload of 29 percent, while Cardiology service saw as much as a 47 percent increase as a result of heart health and heart disease coverage.

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