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Continuum Hospitals of New York
CONVERGE: Getting Into
the Live Well State of Mind

Now more than ever, consumers are taking a hands-on approach to their healthcare. Despite the near infinite number of online resources at their fingertips, it remains difficult for people to find information that’s relevant, actionable or even trustworthy.

Working with Continuum Hospitals of New York, and later Mount Sinai, we used our CONVERGE platform to create a fully integrated health education campaign that positioned the hospital system’s physicians as local health experts and helped New Yorkers become better stewards of their health – Live Well New York.

Our Results

Using physicians as topic experts, real stories from patients and interactive tools to connect consumers with the hospital system’s programs, we built an online community that is authentic as it is engaging. Curated content and localized visuals helped create a multimedia experience that is tailored to the unique experiences of residents of the New York metropolitan area. On average, visitors to the Live Well New York website stayed on page for more than 4 minutes, with a noticeable appreciation in duration for a variety of practical topics, such as “Is it safe to conceive after age 40?” and “How will I know if I have kidney stones?”

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