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Helping Bader Philanthropies Put Down Roots

For decades, Bader Philanthropies has helped grassroots organizations change lives within some of Milwaukee’s most at-risk and underserved communities. On May 8, it broke ground on its new headquarters, officially putting down roots in one of the very communities that has benefitted from the organization’s efforts.

A year in the making, we coordinated with stakeholders and city leaders to make this an event worth remembering. While the foundation finalized event details, our public relations team got to work to create a carefully curated and engaging event for the whole community.

With this move, Bader Philanthropies would become the first foundation in Wisconsin that funds programs in the central city to move its offices there. That’s huge for our city and huge for an organization that’s dedicated to living its mission. We contacted guest speakers, VIPs and plenty of press to make sure this occasion got the coverage and deference it deserved.

On a crisp May Monday morning, foundation staff, board members, new Harambee neighbors, community leaders, and community partners all came together to celebrate Bader Philanthropies’ next chapter.

Built around the idea that the foundation is planting roots in the community, the event included uplifting remarks from Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, Alderwoman Milele Coggs, Bader Philanthropies president and CEO Dan Bader, and project manager Frank Cumberbatch. Adding to the theme, guests were sent home with seedlings to help those roots spread.

“I believe Bader Philanthropies embodies a core belief, that you can make a difference and you have a duty to try to make a difference,” said the Mayor. “I look at what’s going on here and I do believe it’s going to be a catalyst. I think this is going to be immensely helpful for this neighborhood. I think it speaks volumes for the commitment that is being made.”

Along with the success of the groundbreaking event, it garnered more than 25 different media stories in the days and weeks following the ceremony.

Yes, Bader Philanthropies is a client, but Milwaukee is our home. When an organization that does so much good for our community decides to put down roots, we’re happy to do all we can to help them take hold and grow.

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