Discovering Freedom from Fee-dom with ATMpass | Zizzo Group
Discovering Freedom from
Fee-dom with ATMpass

ATMpass was founded on one simple truth: ATM transaction fees stink. This membership-based product is designed to eliminate fees without the headache of changing banks or getting a new card. Zizzo Group’s challenge was figuring out how to convey the benefits of joining this service to its cash-strapped target demographic: financially fickle Millennials. Our solution? Be fun. Be honest. Be visual.

When trying to sell a financial product to a younger audience, ATMpass had to show and tell. The motion graphic-based videos we created manage to educate, entertain and engage customers.

Our Results

Underneath the quirky graphics, twee music and charming text, this video series is actually very informative. From putting into tangible terms how much money one would save without transaction fees, to showing how easy it is to join and start saving with ATMpass, to turning every special occasion into a fee-free holiday with the gift of membership, the soft-sell videos work in concert to connect the product with the people who can best benefit from its services.

This was the first time ATMpass developed content that speaks directly to the people who can best benefit from its services. As a result, the brand saw a 42% increase in website traffic in less than year signifying that the audience heard what was said and took action to learn more.

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