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CONVERGE: Starting Conversations, Creating Engagement

CONVERGE is the ultimate form of Engagement Marketing.

For more than 15 years, we’ve been working with television stations to develop transparent, engaging digital, traditional and social content for financial institutions, healthcare organizations and universities all across the nation. 

These partnership-driven outreach and education initiatives elevate your organization’s visibility while establishing your employees and stakeholders as vested, trusted resources within the community. Think of CONVERGE as that sweet spot at the intersection of PSA and KPI – where thought leadership and media partnership unite to enrich your audience and your bottom line.

Local. Focused. Measured.

Higher Education

We help colleges and universities claim their rightful places as the engines of social and economic growth, employment, innovation, and culture.


We partner with national and local banks as well as credit unions to develop consumer-friendly content that helps people make better, smarter financial decisions.


We give household healthcare decision-makers access to local subject matter experts from hospitals, healthcare systems and insurance providers.

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