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CLIENT: Milwaukee World Festival, Inc.

Building the Hype for Summerfest


Summerfest is an 11-day party jam-packed with good food, great music, and amazing people-watching in Milwaukee. Also known as “The Big Gig” and “The World’s Largest Music Festival,” for music-lovers and Milwaukee residents it’s kind of a big deal. In advance of the event, ZG launched a 21-day Countdown to Summerfest social media campaign to build hype and drive attendance.

In order to increase brand awareness for Summerfest on social channels, ZG developed a countdown strategy that included 21 original pieces broadcast across select social media channels. The mixed media content, which included photos, videos and animated gifs, was strategized, captured, and produced using our in-house talent. In addition to establishing Summerfest’s social voice and engaging audiences with a curated hashtag, the campaign generated almost 500,000 impressions over 25,000 engagements – all organic – across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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