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Getting Healthier Together with Washington Hospital

It’s no secret that our healthcare system is complicated. Between understanding your insurance policy to understanding your treatment options, it can get real overwhelming, real fast.

Washington Hospital Healthcare System is a community hospital system based in the San Francisco suburb of Fremont, that specializes in providing high-quality care and high-impact support. Funded by, and dedicated to, the people of its Healthcare District, this year marks a few significant milestones for the organization. Among them, the 70th anniversary of the formation of the Washington Township Healthcare District, the 60th anniversary of Washington Hospital, the opening of its new critical care facility, and the start of beautiful partnership with ZG.

Over the years, the meaning of community has evolved to include not just where you live, but where you work and play as well. Although the needs of its District will always come first, WHHS wanted to expand the reach of its advocacy and education initiatives to include the entire Bay Area – a perfect fit for CONVERGE programming.

Launched in April, Bay Area Healthier Together combines the experience and passion of WHHS leadership and physicians and the insight and expertise of KGO-TV, the local ABC affiliate. The program seeks to engage Bay Area residents with topics ranging from understanding your insurance policy to the benefits of minimally invasive spine surgery, as well as introduce the larger San Francisco DMA to its new partner in healthcare advocacy and information.

Now live, the second phase of this program features an expanded custom-branded website and additional topic-driven content that supports Washington Hospital’s mission to educate and advocate for healthcare consumers. Helpful and informative, the content-focused program will explore topics that both highlight WHHS’s services and give real, actionable healthcare advice to its readers.

Check It Out

Learn more about Washington Hospital Healthcare System and the Bay Area Healthier Together program in the short video below.

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