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Inspiring Minds With the SHARP Literacy Website

It’s safe to say that none of us at Zizzo Group would be doing what we do today without a love of reading and art. That’s why SHARP Literacy’s mission of inspiring confident readers and lifelong learners through interactive and visual arts connected so deeply with us.

For more than a year, we’ve been working with SHARP to rebrand the organization and help position it as one of the most exciting and effective literacy programs in the state. Its website, which launched May 17, is the culmination of our efforts.

We worked with the SHARP team to create an exciting, engaging, and eye-catching digital space packed full of content and colorful visuals that help bring the SHARP story to life.

“Two words: Absolutely beautiful,” said Lynda Kohler, President and CEO of SHARP Literacy. “It is everything I envisioned it being when we started this process over a year ago. The photos capture the SHARP spirit; video tells our story in a clear and concise manner, and the copy is written with heart and passion.”

While we’re proud of what our team was able to create, we hope it will help SHARP spread its programming into more urban, Milwaukee-area classrooms. Who knows? They may even inspire the next generation of ZG writers, designers and researchers.

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