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2019 Marketing Forecast: 100% Chance of Content

The New Year is quickly approaching – and so are resolutions to make 2019 better than the year before. For many, that includes resolving to get healthy and in shape with increased activity (often in the form of a gym membership). For marketers, the New Year should include resolving to see a healthier bottom line by getting your online presence in shape with increased content creation activity.

Here are some trends and tactics that will help you fulfill your marketing resolutions in 2019.

Content, Content, Content

This should come as no surprise to you, but content creation is an absolute must in today’s marketing world. Your audience’s attention span is less than that of a goldfish, so if you don’t have something new and shiny to show them, on a regular basis, they’re going to move on to a video/blog post/meme that they haven’t seen yet.

But content determines so much more. Regularly-produced content is critical in driving SEO performance, and in turn, organic traffic to your website. According to smartinsights.com, the difference between ranking 1st and 5th in search results shows a click-through rate decrease of 25% on average. And if you’re ranking on the 2nd page? Good luck getting any clicks at all.

Your Customer is Watching

Today, customers have access to more information about your company than they did even five years ago. And that puts all companies under constant scrutiny. There’s no longer room to push things under the rug and hope nobody notices. With a near-limitless access to information and social amplification, your customers have the means and platform to do real damage to your brand – or become its biggest champion.

In the upcoming year, transparency and communication continue to be a must. Look for the customers that you naturally resonate with and help them to tell your story. Develop your company’s personality. Look at ways to give back that are important to you, your employees, and your customers. And show it. Let the public know what matters to you and it will help your bottom line.

Seeing is Believing

With almost 5 billion videos watched per day, it’s no surprise that YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine (behind Google). Video allows brands to engage with people in a way that shows their personality and passion. And with easy access to video production equipment (iPhones, GoPros, drones), video content is growing exponentially every day. According to Wordstream, using videos on landing pages will increase conversions by 86%. Find a creative way to use video to relate to your audience and they’ll thank you for it.

Creativity Still Rules

Creativity is still king, but not just in creativity of message or concept. Brands need to be more creative than ever in everything they do in order to separate themselves from their competition. From SEO and content strategies, to sponsorships and distribution tactics. Execution of the messages so that they are seen, and remembered, by the audience is equally important as the message itself.

Secure Digital Experiences

If you’re like the more than 60% of people who use Google Chrome to browse, you may have noticed a change to some of your favorite websites. In the URL bar, many sites now have “Not Secure” next to the address. In other browsers this may show up as an open padlock. Google is pushing hard to get all websites to secure their sites by adding an SSL Certificate. If you want to read more about the details on SSL certs, check out this post.

What the lack of an SSL certificate does from a branding and marketing standpoint is puts that little bit of doubt in a user’s mind about the company they’re dealing with. And in a world where the options are plentiful, that doubt can be enough to send a potential client or resource to a competitor. Get certified.

Standing out in a crowd isn’t easy. If you find yourself having questions or needing assistance getting your content machine up and running, reach out. You found this piece. Let us help people find yours.


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