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75 Blog Ideas to Kickstart Your Content Marketing

It’s no secret that when it comes to keeping your audiences engaged: CONTENT. IS. KING.

But engagement aside, producing consistent, quality content benefits your brand in a multitude of ways. While your posts are keeping readers entertained and informed, they are also positioning you as a voice of authority and credibility, raising awareness for your brand, generating leads for your marketing goals, boosting your web traffic AND improving your SEO scores. Talk about multitasking.

While content creation is crucial for brand success, coming up with new ideas on a regular basis can be a major challenge. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a collection of prompts and discussion-starters to fuel your content engines and inspire your next piece of killer creative.

1.  Talk about a recent marketing trend or tactic that has caught your eye.

2.  Have you launched a successful campaign recently? Awesome! Write about why it worked.

3.  Write about the social media tools you’re currently using, and why.

4.  Provide an overview/explanation of a term or phrase that is industry-specific.

5.  Start a discussion about social media expectations vs. reality.

6.  Interview an industry leader or fellow creative.

7.  Are there any misconceptions about your industry? Clear them up.

8.  Create a quiz or survey to engage your audience in your content.

9.  Offer up some tips for creating effective digital ads.

10.  Write about some of the ways your industry could be improved.

11.  Make a list of your top 10 marketing or advertising tips.

12.  Answer a reader’s question or respond to a constructive comment in detail.

13.  Read and review a book that focuses on an aspect of your industry.

14.  Take advantage of a new marketing tool’s free trial offerings, write about your user experience.

15.  Check out a couple industry podcasts, write about the ones you liked.

16.  Invite a thought leader or fellow blogger to write a guest post, do the same for them if asked.

17.  Talk about effective social media advertising.

18.  Give your readers some posting ideas for social media.

19.  Explain what a SWOT analysis is and how it is used.

20.  Report from a conference, trade show or seminar.

21.  Write a “How-To” post for beginners.

22.  Ask your readers a question, create a post with their responses.

23.  Talk about ways to identify and reach your target audiences.

24.  Give advice about communicating effectively with clients.

25.  Introduce a member of your team, talk about their role in the industry.

26.  List social media analytics terms and define them.

27.  Compile a list of designers, artists and other creatives your audience can follow on social media, plug their profiles to send them some surprise traffic.

28.  Talk about the importance of healthy client/agency relationships.

29.  Offer an analysis of a big brand’s best practices.

30.  Provide an explanation of SEO, and how to use it effectively.

31.  List some basic principles of creative writing or design.

32.  Engage your audience with a contest or give them a chance to share their opinions in a poll.

33.  Introduce a new weekly segment or topic that your readers can look forward to.

34.  Make a list of 5-10 memorable ad campaigns from the past, write about why they are so memorable.

35.  How have you overcome writer’s block? Offer some advice for fellow writers.

36.  Talk about helpful tools you’ve used for research.

37.  Break a creative project down step by step.

38.  Present your audience with a design challenge or writing prompt. Share their results.

39.  Poll your readers on a recent trend or popular campaign.

40.  Talk about the different creative types. Share your own type or help your readers identify theirs.

41.  Create a thought leadership or opinion post.

42.  Highlight an important person in your target audience.

43.  Give your audience a virtual tour of your office or creative space.

44.  Talk about your career or your current role.

45.  Explore a topic or marketing technique you’re familiar with.

46.  Are you researching something specific? Request some insight from your audience.

47.  Compile a list of clever headlines or eye-catching campaigns you’ve seen recently.

48.  Write about your latest volunteer event or team-building activity.

49.  Answer some frequently asked questions about your work or, questions from your readers.

50.  Create an infographic about an industry topic.

51.  With their permission, share a client testimonial.

52.  Post weekly trivia questions that relate to your industry or craft.

53.  Make a Pro/Con list about a new trend or topic in your niche.

54.  Highlight the importance of time management, share some tips or tricks you’ve found helpful.

55.  Profile a new business or startup in your area.

56.  Collect information on a specific topic and publish it in one article to save your audience time.

57.  Tell your readers about the ways they can utilize different social media channels.

58.  Write about your personal creative process.

59.  Tell your audience what brainstorming looks like for you and your team. Suggest some brainstorming ideas they can try for themselves.

60.  Introduce a reader that you’ve gotten to know.

61.  Conduct a case study and publish your results.

62.  Are there well-designed websites or engaging blogs that you admire? Give them a shout-out.

63.  Share a writing or design template you’ve found helpful.

64.  Present a logo or brand refresh that you’ve worked on.

65.  Not every idea is a grand-slam, talk about an idea that flopped, and what you learned from it.

66.  Talk about effective branding and brand identity.

67.  Write a “Day in the Life” post about yourself or one of your team members.

68.  Take a clear stance on a hot topic. Defend it.

69.  Share your agency’s social media channels.

70.  Talk about your agency’s campaign management process.

71.  Create a tutorial for a marketing tool or program you are familiar with.

72.  Compare a few different blogging, social media marketing, or design tools.

73.  With their permission, share a client story or recent client work.

74.  Gather some of your go-to writing resources into a mini-library for your readers.

75.  Did you enjoy this list? Make one for yourself!

Content creation, while the driving force behind a healthy digital ecosystem and audience engagement, can take a lot of time and effort to get right. If you’d like help developing and implementing a long-term content strategy, our team of content strategists and specialists is just a phone call or email away.


Since you’ve been so good this year – trust us, we’ve made our list and checked it twice – we want to give you something extra special: 12 Days of Zizzmas. Each business day between December 16 and 31, we’ll be posting a new piece of real, actionable insight designed to make the New Year your year. So check back daily and don’t be afraid to drop a comment if you like what you’ve read.

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