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We’ve got some good news and some bad news. Between programmatic banner ads, retargeting, video pre-roll, pay-per-click, paid search (Google AdWords & Bing Ads), and the virtual cornucopia of other digital options that exist, there’s a lot of really bad digital and internet advertising out there. But the good news is, when it’s done well, it works!

Take pay-per-click for instance. PPC isn’t just simple text-centric ads anymore, that’s only part of the puzzle. PPC spans the spectrum of paid search, digital display, remarketing, etc. The problem for most businesses is that the process of setting up and managing a digital advertising campaign is pretty complex. It takes time, energy and money to stay atop the ever-shifting world of the search engine results – resources that most marketing departments just don’t have.

From keyword research to campaign management, audience targeting to creative execution, ZG can help you craft effective (and cost-effective) digital campaigns that will convert those “icks” to clicks.

Target, Retarget and Check Out These Offerings:

  • PPC Management including Google Ads and Google Grants management, Bing Ads management, and conversion rate optimization
  • Programmatic Display and Remarketing
  • Paid Social Media Marketing
  • Strategy and Analytics
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Creation
  • Digital Consulting

Get More ROI for Your PPI

“But wait,” you say. “Doesn’t paid advertising get expensive?”

It totally can – if you’re not strategic about it.

Digital advertising doesn’t just mean banner ads anymore. That’s only part of the puzzle. Working across platforms and capabilities, you’re spanning the spectrum of paid search, digital display, remarketing, social media, and more. It takes a lot of time and a lot of expertise to put together a well-rounded digital strategy –or you run the risk of wasting a lot of money. ZG digital advertising can build your strategy, manage your campaigns and grow your business.



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Source: ZG Internal Statistics as of October 25, 2018

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