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Milwaukee Film Festival: Staff Picks

With the Milwaukee Film Festival starting October 18, members of our team share what films they’re most excited to see this year.

The Many Hats of Account Service

Account service isn’t for everyone because you have to be everyone. From hostage negotiator to forester, learn about the many hats AEs have to wear.

Maybe Your Marketing Could Use a Little Break From Reality

Technology is presenting some crazy cool opportunities for marketers these days. Brands are taking on new dimensions, literally, through VR, AR, MR, gaming and voice activation. But how does a brand effectively harness that technology for marketing initiatives?

How’d We Get Here?

A recent visit from the UW-Madison AdClub had a group of ZG-ers reminiscing the passions, opportunities and plain dumb luck that got us to where we are today.

Video in the Age of Millennials

[Editor’s note: I promise this isn’t another “Old Man Yells at Cloud” type of blog!] As a 20-something member of the Millennial generation (I also realized in writing this, I’m one of the youngest people in the office), there are few things as cringe-worthy as an analysis of our consumption habits. Why aren’t more Millennials … Continued

In Radio, Word Count Matters

Here’s a scene: It’s a weekday morning. You’re stuck in traffic on your way into work. You flip on the radio to catch up on news and tunes. Between sips of coffee and taps of brakes, the station breaks for commercial. And then it starts – an unnaturally fast, incomprehensible rush of advertising madness that leaves … Continued