Looking to Hire a PR Firm? Here are 5 Things to Keep an Eye Out For

So it’s time. You’re ready to launch that new initiative or product. Your organization reached a major milestone. Trade show season is upon you or you’ve just hired that phenomenal new CEO who’s bringing about much-needed change. Or maybe your company simply needs visibility for its work and industry expertise. You need some public relations … Continued

What You Need To Know Before You Go Live

Live gameplay streaming. Live press conferences. Live Q&A with your favorite celebrity. If you’ve spent any time on social media lately, you’ve probably witnessed the boom in live video. With good reason, too. Live video puts the power of broadcast back in the hands of marketers with great versatility, instant connection and the ability to … Continued

Why We Turned Giving Into a Week-Long Event

At ZG, we have a set of core values that encourage us to not just work better, but be better. During United Way Week one takes center stage: Be Selfless.

5-ish Questions: Drawing From What You Love with Ethan Keister

5-ish Questions is an ongoing series in which we introduce you to the people and personalities that make ZG such a fun and unique place to work. Although he may be the newest addition to our team, Art Director Ethan Keister is far from a stranger to the ZG family. As a junior at Milwaukee … Continued

Escape the Trolls by Writing Better Social Media Content

“Writing for social media will be so easy,” they said. “If you know how to write, then you’ll know how to write content,” they said. “Don’t read the comments section,” they said.

Under the Influence: How to Establish an Influencer Marketing Campaign

You’ve probably heard the term “influencer marketing” being discussed in marketing circles, but what does it even mean? At their core, influencer campaigns seek to tap into existing communities of really engaged followers in order to grow their own. This isn’t a new concept; for years, brands have been working with individuals to help promote … Continued

Want to Write a Good Blog Post? Get to the Point.

Growing up, I had a friend who I loved dearly but told the longest, most rambling stories that rarely had a point – I called them “Dome Stories.” She would start talking about a subject then wander off onto a vaguely related subject that would then lead to another vaguely related subject, until it devolved … Continued

So Many Stories to Tell, So Many Platforms to Tell Them On

At the heart of social engagement is the art of storytelling. From status updates to vlogs, people are telling their stories in unprecedented depth and frequency. So it may come as no surprise that one of the most recent storytelling trends to emerge is, well, Stories. Unlike other social storytelling mediums, these tiny bits of … Continued