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Anne Zizzo Honored Among Top Area Power Brokers

Each day, our fearless leader pours her heart into making Zizzo Group great. Whether connecting us with projects that bring out our passion or, quite honestly, just creating a stable environment with a steady stream of work, her efforts don’t go unnoticed. That’s why we are thrilled that Anne Zizzo has been recognized by the … Continued

Let’s All Go to the Movies with Milwaukee Film

There are few things that go together better than film and engagement. Which is why working with Milwaukee Film on its membership appeal videos was a total no-brainer.

New Hardware Alert: ZG Brings Home Paragon and OBIE Awards

Whatever the client, whatever the project, we want to do good, effective work. Not impress judges. Not catch the eye of an industry. Not line our shelves with trophies. But, with a team like ours and a drive like ours – well, we can’t help it if others take notice. This week, we were thrilled … Continued

Inspiring Minds With the SHARP Literacy Website

It’s safe to say that none of us at Zizzo Group would be doing what we do today without a love of reading and art. That’s why SHARP Literacy’s mission of inspiring confident readers and lifelong learners through interactive and visual arts connected so deeply with us. For more than a year, we’ve been working … Continued

Whetting Appetites With Some Grate PR

It’s such a simple concept, really: take a comfort food staple like macaroni and cheese and turn it on its head– err, elbows with drool-worthy flavor combinations. With only a handful of mac n cheese specialty restaurants nationally, it was a travesty that the concept hadn’t made its way to Milwaukee – that is, until … Continued

New Faces, New Attitude: ZG Acquires Thirsty Boy

We’re excited to announce that Zizzo Group has joined forces with one of the most creative and innovative shops in Milwaukee, Thirsty Boy – creating a Voltron of immersive and integrated marketing services. Founded by Steve Koeneke in 2008, Thirsty Boy made a name for itself with its confluence of concept, content and technology. From … Continued

Helping Bader Philanthropies Put Down Roots

For decades, Bader Philanthropies has helped grassroots organizations change lives within some of Milwaukee’s most at-risk and underserved communities. On May 8, it broke ground on its new headquarters, officially putting down roots in one of the very communities that has benefitted from the organization’s efforts. A year in the making, we coordinated with stakeholders … Continued

Building Connections with Network Health

There are few topics as hot button as healthcare. Between premium hikes and government marketplaces, the unknowns outnumber the knowns at present. As if that weren’t enough, the marketplace is dominated by just a handful of companies. To overcome this baggage, you need the right plan and the right partners. With our latest CONVERGE undertaking, … Continued

It’s Official! We’re One of the Best Places to Work

We are proud to be recognized by the Milwaukee Business Journal as one of the best places to work. As one of thirty-three places selected for the award in 2015, we are in some great company. You want to know our secret? Amazing people. Here, open-concept means open communication. Together we celebrate successes, draw from … Continued