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2019 Design Forecast: Be Bold

In a sea of competition, designers strive to make clients stand out. It’s a dance between being simple but bold, usable but unique, clean but personable. I’m particularly interested in how new trends mix with old standards to create something unique and memorable, with great understanding of design and brand.

As we march further into 2019, here are some design trends to keep an eye out for.

Custom Illustration

Dominos – ifthisthendominos.com

Custom illustrations are a great way to give style and perspective that isn’t possible with photography. The increase in use of illustration is due to the overuse of stock photography, limited budgets and an increase in illustration applications available makes it easier for illustrators to enter the market. I’m loving the mix of photography and illustration, also vintage-inspired illustration.

Outstanding Color

Magic Leap – magicleap.com

Minimalism is out, bold is in. Everything from remixing retro color palettes to applying vibrant duotones to photography, designers are making a statement with color. The use of metallics in branding, packaging, fashion and illustration makes products feel special and luxurious. Gradients add depth and interest to designs and is a trend that we see continuing in 2019.

Goodbye Grids

CrowdRise by GoFundMe  – crowdrise.com

Organic layouts, with lots of open and airy space, are in response to the grid-like templates we’ve been accustomed too. Broken grids, overlapping elements and lots of negative space are some of the ways that make compositions unique and add to the brand story. Organic shapes are bringing boldness and fluidity to designs and are a trend that won’t be disappearing anytime soon.


Zervice – zervice.com

From animated illustrations to micro interactions, movement proves to engage users. Animations help users interact with your brand, especially in social media. In web design, the smallest transition or hover creates a subtle visual effect that can elevate user experience. Add an animated gif to your email campaign to enhance your message and delight the recipient.


Good Fortune – goodfortunestl.com

The big and bold typography trend continues. Serifs are making a comeback. Custom fonts, 3D and outlined typography are all beautiful extensions of brand personality. In most cases bold typography is replacing photography so designs don’t feel overcrowded.

While I love to be a trend watcher, part of being a good designer is understanding what to borrow and when – and only when it makes sense for a client’s brand. Technology, techniques, processes and apps are constantly evolving, which means it’s easier to experiment with new techniques now more than ever.


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