Tailored Digital Solutions

Exactly what is digital marketing? How and when should you be using it? And who can you turn to for help with it?

Meet ENGAGE. Made-to-measure digital services from ZG, created to address those, and other, vexing modern digital marketing questions. We start with a thorough analysis of existing assets including website, social, SEO and digital media. From there, we structure a customized digital strategy designed to meet brand standards, KPIs and budgets – whether your communications are B2C or B2B.

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Through ENGAGE, we can develop proprietary sites using a custom template for a fraction of the cost of more complicated sites. Plus, if you don’t need a ton of content adjustments, our static CMS model might be a good fit. Bottom line is – affordable, flawless options on all platforms and all site sizes.

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Hello? You there? Can anybody find you? Maybe you need help from someone who knows how to put you on the map. Not to mention atop SERPs.

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Digital Assets

We shoot and edit video and photography plus create all sorts of other profound image weaponry including motion graphics, infographics, icons, illustrations, and animations. All through our in-house production facilities.

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Social Media

There’s an art to effective social media marketing. It consists of two vital components – strategy and content. Sounds easy, eh? It ain’t.

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Inbound Marketing

How do you get customers and prospects to come to you? By creating the kind of compelling content they’re looking for. But then you gotta continue to make the conversation interesting and rewarding. And that’s where we come in.

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Click envy? If you’re running ineffective PPC ads, you know what we’re talking about. And we know how to get landing pages landed on.

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Email Marketing

First of all, you have to have compelling content. And you have to know how to stay out of SPAM folders. Oh, and there’s the whole matter of having the right list. These are all things ENGAGE lives and breathes, and mails.

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App Development

Mobile, web-based, iOS, Android...we concept, design and build apps employing intuitive interfaces, provocative concepts and juicy ROI. We can even get the little devils into the App Store and help you monetize them.

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Optimized Content

Compelling, accurate, relevant. Applies to biographies, the work of cover bands and digital marketing content. We’re not writing books or cranking Rolling Stones tunes but we are creating content audiences connect with.

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Augmented Reality

“Oh man, did that doll just stand up and walk across that magazine page?” and other distinctly digital-age reactions to our use of AR.

Where Digital Meets Reality

Virtual Reality

Maybe you’re interested in new realms in which your marketing can exist. How about a virtual one where your brand rides successfully into the sunset – perhaps literally?

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360˚ Video

Philosophers and wise persons like to say “you can’t look backwards.” But obviously they’ve never seen a 360˚video. Own all the real estate around your brand’s story.

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Sometimes there’s just no better way to immerse prospects than to put a brand experience right into their hands. And we mean into their hands.

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Digital Display

Banner ads, retargeting, pre-roll, mobile ads, email ads…let’s face it, most everything in this category is usually poorly executed. if you’re doing, or considering, any of these, we can convert the groans and eyerolls into clicks.

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Your stories can be shared beyond traditional news sources. We know about a million ways to slice and dice PR content into conversations through blogs, Facebook and LinkedIn posts, infographics, keywords and more. Conversations that inform, engage and beg to be shared.

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Exactly who is consuming your content? How long are they spending with your brand? What’s working and what’s not? How are you supposed to read all those crazy infographics? Most importantly, what kind of adjustments can you make to improve performance?

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