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These days, digital is the key to getting your story out there to be seen, heard and shared.

With ENGAGE PR, we help you tell your story and give it life in the digital world. No longer a one-way conversation, we’ll craft content around your public relations strategies with blogs, social media distribution, infographics, keywords strategy and more, ensuring consistent and persistent messages that don’t need to be filtered solely through the lenses of traditional media outlets.

Can relying on social media and the internet to get your messages out backfire? Oh, yes. Horribly so. That’s why it’s all the more important to work with a team versed in integrated traditional, social and digital PR strategies. Teams like, well, the one we have here!

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Go Beyond the Boilerplate with These Full-Service PR Capabilities

  • Strategic planning
  • Launching new products, solutions and services
  • E-newsletters/blog content and support
  • Media relations, including drafting news releases
  • Media training (when needed)
  • Community relations
  • Tradeshows and special events
  • Speaking tours
  • Corporate communications
  • Employee relations
  • Public affairs/issues management
  • Sponsorship implementation and management
  • Crisis communications
  • Tracking and measurement

Get More ROI for Your PPI

Imagine you’ve got this revolutionary new product that you’re ready to take to market. Or you have to cut back on services while you construct a shiny new facility. Or you just want to get a little recognition for your contributions to your industry. These are just a few examples of situations that could benefit from the direction of an experienced PR team – kind of like the one we have here at ZG.

In the age of digital, more news outlets are looking toward the Internet for sources and scoops. Good PR backed by good digital strategy can make journalists’ jobs easier while increasing the visibility and credibility of your brand, expanding your business’ reach, and exposing your brand to new customers.


of journalists go online to find news releases1


of B2B buyers want content from industry thought leaders2


of consumers prefer getting to know a company via articles rather than ads3


of business decision-makers prefer to get company information from articles versus ads.4

Source: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4

“We greatly appreciate the ZG PR team’s thoughtful and effective work in helping us tell our story and share our growth message. While the results are impressive, beyond the numbers, we are realizing business opportunities and having conversations we might not have otherwise had.”

Beth Wnuk, Senior Executive Vice President - Retail Banking & Wealth Management, Ixonia Bank

Want to learn more?

Website & App Development

Through ENGAGE, we can develop content-rich sites using a custom template for a fraction of the cost of more complicated sites. Don’t have a ton of content or frequent updates? A static site or landing page can be an effective (and cost-effective) option.

Hit the Web


That big, fancy website of yours? It’s not doing you a bit of good if your customers can’t find it. That’s where Search Engine Optimization comes in. From content strategy to linking strategy, we’ll put your website on the digital map and atop the SERPs.

Search No More

Digital Advertising

A lot of tactics fit under the digital advertising banner – and we’re not just talking banner ads, either. Paid social media, pay-per-click, retargeting, video pre-roll, Google Ads and more; when done with sound strategy, we can convert the groans and eyerolls into clicks.

Click Away

Social Media

Social media marketing may sound easy, but it’s anything but. There’s an art to effective social ¬– and it starts with engagement. The intersection of strategy and content, it’s more than just how many likes or subscribers you have. It’s how you leverage connection into action.

Like and Subscribe


Your stories don’t have to depend on traditional news sources. We know about a million ways to slice and dice PR content into conversations through blogs, Facebook and LinkedIn posts, infographics, keywords and more. Conversations that inform, engage and beg to be shared.

Get the Story

Email Marketing

There’s a lot that goes into crafting the perfect email. From messaging to design, segmentation to subject lines, we can help your business generate more impact with your email marketing dollars. Smart, tested and true, we’ll keep you in front of your customers and out of their SPAM folders.

Just Hit Send

Immersive & Experiential

Are you interested in exploring new marketing frontiers, blazing digital trails and boldly going? Immersive technologies, like AR, VR, and interactive exhibit design blur the lines of reality to turn the seemingly impossible into marketing possibility for your brand.

Take a Look Around

Content Creation

What’s the key to digital engagement? Creating the kind of content that clicks with your audience. Blog posts, photography, video – they each help tell your brand story. With ENGAGE, we create, produce, edit and distribute the kind of content audiences connect with.

Let’s Get Digital

Digital Consulting

Good digital is built on good strategy. Whether your company is testing the waters or ready to dive in, we can design, develop and manage a digital ecosystem that’ll get real, measurable results. Plus, robust analytics and expert analysis will ensure your efforts stay on course.

Optimize Your Impact